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Next Up: The Alien Ante – Hispanic Caucus Demanding Access for Illegals or Else

John on March 10, 2010 at 11:18 pm

It’s times like this when I wish we had a flaming skull around here. The Hispanic Caucus is threatening to walk on ObamaCare:

A group of Hispanic lawmakers on Thursday will tell President Barack Obama that they may not vote for healthcare reform unless changes are made to the bill’s immigration provisions.


Since last fall, Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) members have kept quiet, at least publicly, about their objections to the immigration provisions in the Senate bill.

The Senate language would prohibit illegal immigrants’ buying healthcare coverage from the proposed health exchanges. The House-passed bill isn’t as restrictive, but it does — like the Senate bill — bar illegal immigrants from receiving federal subsidies to buy health insurance.

Hispanic Democrats say they haven’t moved from their stance that they will not vote for a healthcare bill containing the Senate’s prohibitions.

Turns out this was a promise deferred:

At a similar meeting at the White House in early November, which occurred just days before the House voted on its healthcare bill, the CHC failed to convince Obama to reject the Senate immigration language.

The result was a bloc of solid Democratic votes that remained up in the air until a deal was reached at the last minute to address the gap between the House and the Senate immigration restrictions during “conference negotiations.”

But the healthcare bill didn’t go to conference. And CHC members could now face a difficult choice in the weeks ahead.

So I guess this explains why, after 14 months of nothing, the President has been eager to talk about immigration reform all of a sudden.

We had the Corn-husker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase. Now keep your eyes peeled for the illegal Alien Ante.

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