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Planned Parenthood Sells Abortion

John on March 10, 2010 at 2:51 pm

That’s the only conclusion you can reach when you look at the numbers as Cassy Fiano does:

In the year 2007, Planned Parenthood made only 4,912 adoption referrals yet performed 305,310 abortions.

Should those numbers really be so lopsided? No, but Live Action’s newest undercover project, the Rosa Acuna Project, shows why these numbers are so lopsided. The “counselors” at Planned Parenthood aren’t there to help women make the best choice for themselves. They aren’t there to tell women that abortion isn’t the only choice they have. They are salespeople, plain and simple, and the product that they are selling is abortion.

Planned Parenthood makes a killing…killing. It’s that simple.

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