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Cuban Health Care is Sicko

John on March 10, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Over at Big Journalism, Humberto Fontova notes a story that has bubbled up from Cubans on the street to Spanish language blogs and finally crossed the language barrier:

During that cold snap in mid January, Cuban dissidents snuck out (by internet) a report claiming that over forty patients had somehow frozen to death in Cuba’s Mazorra mental hospital (not far from the one featured in Michael Moore’s propaganda film, Sicko.)  Cuba’s Stalinist regime–along with the journalistic valets, eunuchs, and trollops to whom it grants press bureaus and “journalist visas”– were utterly mum on the matter, however.


Just last week pictures of some of the dead were snuck out of Cuba, which proved  that hypothermia alone was not the cause of death, any more than it was the cause of the death for the prisoners at Dachau or Buchenwald. Horrific malnutrition and savage beatings were plain to see for anyone genuinely interested in the causes.

Humberto links to this Spanish language blog which has photos of some of dead. I recommend you look but be advised this is not for the faint of heart.

So this is the Cuban health care miracle liberals are always raving about. Starving the helpless and leaving them to freeze to death. I wouldn’t wish such treatment on anyone, even those like Michael Moore who make a living apologizing for this repulsive and repressive Communist regime.

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