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The Left’s View of Escalation with Iran: It’s All Our Fault

John on August 30, 2007 at 4:15 pm

There’s a lot of crap over at Huff Post, but this post has to be right up there (or down there). Author Robert Naiman begins by suggesting that the President is desperate to change the “channel” from the failure of the surge.

First off, has a report even been issued on the surge yet? No. But hasn’t there been strong indication that the surge is increasing security in Iraq? Um, yeah, if you consider fewer attacks and fewer deaths increased security…and I do. Haven’t some Democrats in Congress (Hillary even?) suggested that the surge is succeeding in many respects?

So, putting that aside, Robert Naiman has just discovered that there is conflict over who will have more influence in Iraq, the US or Iran. Forget for the moment that Iran has denied any intentions or involvement in Iran up until last week. Suddenly, Iran’s intent to have sway over Iraq is just, duh!, so obvious. Not only obvious, according to Mr. Naiman but inevitable:

people in the United States should ask themselves…what sacrifices we are really willing to bear so that the Bush administration can try to keep Iran from having the influence in Iraq that they would normally have — and almost certainly will have — if there is a democratic government in Iraq…

Well, we might as well hand it over to Ahmedinejad then I suppose. We’re powerless to stop him.

Even as Mr. Naiman suggests Iran’s efforts to control Iraq are just so obvious, he dismisses all evidence that Iran is actualizing that influence through training of fighters, shipment of EFP roadside bombs, etc. All of that is still “unproven.”

So the weapons stamped with Iranian markings really came from where? And the dozens of 50 cal sniper rifles sold to Iran which somehow ended up in Iraq killing US and Brit soldiers? That’s not proof either. Maybe FedEx just had a bad day.

All of this nonsense is predicated on the arrest of a handful of Iranians at a Baghdad hotel this week. Because these individuals had been invited into Iraq, there arrest can only be a provocation according to Mr. Naiman. Mr. Naiman seems to have forgotten the Iranian seizure of our British allies just a few months ago. He also forgets — or possibly doesn’t know — about the Irbil six who Iran claimed were “diplomats” but who turned out to be Quds force members coordinating attacks on US forces. He is no doubt dubious of the Iranian connection to the Karbala raid which appears to have been an attempt at payback for the Irbil detentions. In short, given the long list of Iranian provocations and machinations in Iraq why should we believe a damn word they say?

As always with the left, the knee jerk reaction is to blame America first. We’re not responding, very belatedly, to Iranian provocation. No, of course, we’re the provocateurs. How could it be otherwise?

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