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Jihad Jane: The Disturbing Web Rants of a Suburban White Female Jihadist

Morgen on March 10, 2010 at 12:06 am

Colleen LaRose, also known as “Fatima LaRose” and “Jihad Jane”, was indicted by federal authorities today on charges which include conspiring to kill a Swedish cartoonist who had depicted the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog. And if this sounds strange, the full story is even stranger still, involving stolen passports, a ring of Yemeni and Moroccan co-conspirators based in Ireland, and an actual stake-out of the cartoonist in Sweden by LaRose earlier last year. The topper is that LaRose is an American-born white woman from suburban Pennsylvania, described by neighbors as an “average housewife“.

While certain news accounts bizarrely seem to suggest that she was just a woman “desperate to do something somehow to help ease the suffering of muslims”, it is clear that she was not unwittingly drawn into this affair. In fact, “Jihad Jane” has been on the radar of terrorist-watch sites such as the Jawa Report dating back to 2008 for posting pro-terrorist videos and comments on YouTube.

I did a little digging of my own and discovered a radical Islamic web forum that “Fatima LaRose” posted extensively on last year in the months leading up to her arrest. In fact, given that this web site seems to have been only very recently taken offline, and the provocative nature of LaRose’s postings, this site could very well have been a factor in bringing LaRose to the attention of the authorities.

You can find a complete listing of LaRose’s postings on this site using the available Google cache links from this search. But here are the most notable comments that I was able to find (and for those that track this sort of thing, grab screen shots while you can):

LaRose on the reported capture of a U.S. soldier by the Taliban:

“I think it would be fun to put halucinagenics in their liquor then terroize & torture them”

Her response to a video from an Al Qaeda militant claiming that he is planning on smuggling anthrax across the Mexican border:

“It made me so happy & even I feel jealous of whoever(brother or sister) that has this honour ALLAH(swt) willing to carry thru this blessed mission…Inshallah…how the kafir will be on their knees crying & dying”

Her response to Taliban threats to kill a captured U.S. soldier:

“I see no reason to keep that kafir alive….he serves no purpose, but keep his uniform for future use. & Inshallah let all others see the fate that awaits the crudsders…”

On reports that the U.S. is sending an additional 10,000 Marines to Afghanistan:

“Inshallah we will see pics of these animals[US Marines] in body bags!”

In response to praise from another jihadist for her keen interesting in watching and promoting beheading videos:

“there are many sisters that i admire that have strong Imaan & & also have no pity/mercy for the kafir animals…Really the 1st time i saw a video like this was off a kafir site. They call it barbaric when someone gets beheaded…I think that it is too humane for the enemies of Islam….they suffer very little & it’s over for them…..Inshallh they are then fuel for the fire”

Again, this is just a sampling. Although many of the Google search hits are duplicates, LaRose apparently posted at least a few hundred news articles and other comments on this site within the span of just a few months. Given the content of these postings (she also posted beheading videos which I did not link), and her alleged involvement in recruiting and soliciting funding for terrorist actions, she clearly represented a danger to national security even if she had not gotten involved in this bizarre conspiracy to kill the Swedish cartoonist.

So score one for the FBI and the DOJ – everyone involved in this investigation deserves our praise.

Kudos also to the Jawa Report for their persistence in getting YouTube to remove terrorist propaganda videos, and ban people such as LaRose and others like her. In fact, there is an entire thread on the Ansar Al-Mujahideen site where “Jihad Jane” and someone she calls her “partner in crime” gripe at length about being banned from “jew tube”. You can read this thread here (and another relevant comment here.) Way to shine a light on these cockroaches guys!

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