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Amnesty Scolds Scandinavian Nations for Rape Record

John on March 8, 2010 at 11:15 am

The Local has the story:

Sweden and its Nordic neighbours have been slammed by human rights group Amnesty International for failing to combat sexual violence, a new report shows…

The report, entitled “Case Closed,” said that Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden all suffered from gaps in their legal systems, making it complicated to sufficiently prosecute and punish sex crimes.

Across the region, only a small percentage of rapes are ever reported, and even when they are reported, only a few make it to court, where the acquittal rate is very high, the report showed.

“There is therefore a common cause for concern about the lack of legal protection for victims of rape in the Nordic countries,” it said…

This is not the first time the human right group has slammed Sweden on its rape record. The Local reported in April 2009 that the country had been accused by the UN and Amnesty of allowing rapists to “enjoy impunity”.

Futhermore an EU study published in the same month showed Sweden at the top of a “European rape league” with 46 incidents reported per 100,000 residents – twice the figure recorded in the UK and four times higher than its Nordic neighbours.

This is a very old argument on this blog where some have argued that Sweden’s high record of rape is actually an accounting glitch of sorts based on how Sweden counts cases. This Amnesty report indicates that, if anything, the number of rapes reported is lower in Scandinavia than elsewhere, not higher. Even so, the rate is much higher than in Europe and the US.

The image of Scandinavia as a crime free paradise probably doesn’t ring true for Scandinavian women.

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