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Bomb Threat at Huntington High (Updated)

John on March 3, 2010 at 11:09 am

A few photos from yesterday…Thanks, Natalie.

UPDATE @ 1:30 pm: Read the comments to see the perspective of several students who were there on campus at the time and who have had contact with the young man in question…

Specifically, they say this kid was best known for wearing a trench coat and imitating the Joker from The Dark Knight. Several say he was a fan of Nazism.

This definitely fits the pattern of a Columbine imitator.

UPDATE @ 3:00 pm: Some videos are now going up onto the web, taken by students during the evacuation.  A local news (Channel 2) put up their 3 minute story as well.  We will put up the videos as they become available if they seem to have something to add.

Update 8 pm: The Huntington Beach Independent reports the device was a “hoax.” Nevertheless, the stuff this kid has reportedly been saying suggests a serious problem. At least now he’ll get the attention he needs.

9 pm: I think this is the kid (start around 4 min. in). If so, this is just sad.

[End Update - earlier updates below]

Several friends have students at the school. I’m hearing this isn’t the “phone it in” variety but something more serious.

11:30 am: Okay, take all of this with a grain of salt because rumors are flying…

Supposedly a student with a reputation for odd behavior brought something to school in his backpack. Some suggested it was fireworks, but another student saw it, felt it was more serious than a potential prank and turned him in.

Whatever he had, it’s being described as a “grenade” though I can’t imagine how a student in high school could have access to a live grenade. But I’ve heard that it was a “grenade” from three different people now, so that’s what is making the rounds.

The student in question is in custody and the rest of the student body is sitting outside waiting while authorities search the building, just in case.

11:45 am: Students have been officially “released” meaning they’ve been told to go home. Police continue to lock down the building and no one is allowed back inside to collect books, phones, keys…

Heard from someone else that the boy in question was known to be fond of trench coats and had a reputation for moodiness…

Also hear that there may have been some kind of standoff in the school library. Apparently lots of ambulances were at the scene. I’m sure there are students who took pictures. If anyone wants to e-mail me some, I’ll post them.

12:00 pm – The OC Register is reporting that the student claims the device was a “prop” for a movie he was making after school. Also, they are saying the student was confronted in an administration office, so it sounds like the library standoff didn’t happen. Meanwhile “the device” has not been identified.

Channel 2 News Story…

YouTube Preview Image

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