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Biased Headline of the Day (Updated)

John on August 27, 2007 at 7:49 pm


When I first read it, I assumed one of the limos had swerved into a crowd. But no, here’s what happened. A member of the President’s motorcade died Monday when his motorcycle crashed violently near a parking garage. Police aren’t saying exactly what happened yet, but I don’t think anyone suspects foul play.

The suggestion of Time’s headline is that someone is culpable for the officer’s death and the only name in the headline is that of the President. Better options would have been “Bush Motorcade Cop Dies” or perhaps “Presidential Motorcade Officer Killed in Crash.” Time is suggesting blame where none exists.

Time’s editors should be ashamed of themselves. But one thing about BDS is you never have to say you’re sorry.

Update: Breitbart turns the Time headline on its head: Bush mourns dead escort member. From the picture, it appears the bike hit a tree. [Correction: This photo from Breitbart appears to be of the similar Hawaii incident about a year ago. In both cases a motorcycle officer was killed.] The roadway is wet and there are drops of water on the camera lens. This was probably caused by a slick roadway.


Update 2: Here are the headlines from a few other major news outlets:

  • New Mexico motorcycle officer dies escorting Bush – Reuters
  • Bush motorcade cop dies in crash – UPI
  • One Dead in Bush Motorcade Crash – ABC News

Time’s phrasing remains unique.

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