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Somebody Get Candy Crowley a Fountain Pen

John on February 28, 2010 at 2:37 pm

Okay, this is petty and I know it…

State of the Union on CNN was my second favorite Sunday News show (after This Week). I like John King because he was tough on guests and the show seemed less predictable and scripted.

John King moved to another time slot and they replaced him with Candy Crowley. As a conservative, I’m not a huge Crowley fan out of the gate, but I have watched the show a few times and I think she’s really trying to make it work.

So this morning she’s interviewing Mitch McConnell about health care and the entire time she is clicking her pen and shuffling papers while he is speaking. I’m not suggesting this was some sort of plot to make McConnell’s soundbites unusable. It was obviously a tic which she probably didn’t even notice she was doing. But it’s irritating!

Someone get Candy Crowley a fountain pen so she can’t click it on and off every few seconds while her guest is talking.

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