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“God’s Warriors” on CNN

John on August 20, 2007 at 5:49 pm

Next week CNN is treating viewers to a six hour special devoted to the intersection of faith and politics. Christian Amanpour is the host of all three segments which begin Tuesday night with a look at Judaism.

Obviously I haven’t seen the show beyond a few excerpts available online but already my spider sense is tingling. It looks to me like CNN wanted to do a special on Islam and shari’a but decided they couldn’t do so without also dragging Judaism and Christianity into the mix. The result is a level of moral equivalence that’s pretty stunning and, I would think, a little hard to justify.

For instance, CNN has a world map titled “Flashpoints of Faith” where religion is a source of conflict. Not surprisingly, most of the dots involve Islam in one way or another. There’s one big dot over the US. Clicking on it yields the following:

Terrorism driven by Islamic extremism hit the United States with full force on September 11, 2001. Nearly 3,000 people were killed in separate attacks in New York City, Washington D.C. and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Several bombings preceded that spectacular attack. Extremists bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, simultaneously bombed two American embassies in Africa in 1998 and attacked the USS Cole in 2000. The United States has also been the victim of terror attacks by homegrown extremists like Eric Rudolph who bombed an abortion clinic in Alabama in January 1998 and a women’s clinic and gay nightclub in Georgia in 1997. He also detonated a bomb during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia in which two were killed and more than 100 injured.

No doubt Eric Rudolph is a real home-grown terrorist, but is he really in a league with Al Qaeda? Apparently so.

There are also a couple segments of the Christianity special up on the web. The first one features Amanpour interviewing Jerry Falwell just a week prior to his death. She’s shown pushing him about an old quote about 9/11. Falwell is literally dying on camera and all that Amanpour cares about is goading him into one more over the top statement for her special. What he says is nothing new. Not much of a gotcha in my opinion. Anyway, I’m hoping this officially marks the last time Falwell can be used by the MSM as an example of everything that’s wrong with Christians. But we’ll see, perhaps another network will exhume his body.

The other clip features segments of a Christian youth event called Battle Cry. The clip begins with ominous music and features lots of shots of pyrotechnics going off and kids waving red flags. The intent is clearly to portray the event as the second coming of the Hitler Youth. The show’s producers seem to prefer the view of a handful of protesters warning that Battle Cry is a sign of dawning theocracy.

If you’re interested in how CNN covers weird behavior, check out this clip. A group of green activists show their concern for global warming by hiking up a glacier and getting naked en masse. Instead of “Jesus saves” people sport clothing that says “Save the Climate.” CNN presents the AP video with no ominous music, no commentary at all in fact. It’s just basic reporting. Nor is the save the earth crowd without its share of political controversy and violence. It appears that even at CNN, some religions are more equal than others.

I’ll watch the show if I can, but my expectations are low.

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