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The Tyranny of Ignorance

John on January 4, 2006 at 9:24 am

After my last post I did some searching about the web for information coming out of Northern Europe. I came across the International Humanist and Ethical Union website and a long article called The Tyranny of Ignorance by the IHEU President Roy Brown. The entire article is a collection of atheist boogeymen, from global warming to Intelligent Design, but I found the discussion of the Iraq war particularly laughable:

Few Americans seem aware that the war in Iraq has been lost. The grand idea, to install democracy by force as an example to the rest of the Middle East, has ended with an Iraq that is physically devastated; in financial ruin following the corruption of the interim government and the “no-bid” contracts given to vice- president Cheney’s business cronies; on the brink of civil war; with a constitution that guarantees that the country will become an Islamic theocracy; and with the world-wide forces of Islamic Jihad stronger than ever.

But this is not what Americans are being told by their government and its co-conspirators, the symbiotic conservative media. Both government and media overplay every small success and downplay every disaster. If Iraq be success, how shall we measure failure?

In sum: Failure. Halliburton. Strengthened Jihad. Conservative Media. Sounds like this guy reads Kos.

In reality, we just had the first free elections in the region. The Halliburton line is so tired that even Kos has retired it. The “strengthened Jihad” is capable of nothing but roadside bombs. And the conservative media has just unleashed its latest coordinated effort to bash the adminstration using illegal leaks about a top secret wiretapping program.

If this is the kind of thought that goes into humanism, I’ll pass. Tyranny of ignorance indeed.

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