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Van Halen Reunites – Apocalypse Near

John on August 13, 2007 at 7:47 pm

David Lee Roth has rejoined Van Halen. It only took him 20 years to admit that he wasn’t the only reason people liked the band.

Click here for video.

How long until he becomes insufferable and drives the Van Halen brothers away? I give it 6 months, and only because they’ll be raking in millions every month they keep it together.

Michael Anthony has been replaced for the upcoming tour by Eddie’s 16 year old son, Wolfgang. Van Halen shows were famous for their backstage antics, but according to People magazine Wolfie’s mom isn’t worried:

Bertinelli isn’t worried that he might develop rock star habits. “His father will be with him the entire time,” she says. “I’ll be out there a lot. Ed is the best father Wolfie could have. It’s all going to be just fine.”

Yeah, because I’m sure Uncle Roth will be a good influence.

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