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Pro-Lifer Faces Knife, Saves Life of Unborn Child

John on February 20, 2010 at 12:05 pm

The Blog Prof catches an amazing story that, shocker!, the MSM has completely blacked out:

A woman was going in to have an abortion at a local butcher shop in Duluth, and was confronted by two pro-life protesters that urged her not to kill her baby. The woman was so angry that she brandished a knife and held it to one of the pro-life protester’s throat. She was of course arrested for aggravated assault.

The Duluth News Tribune explains the surprise result:

Hall said she decided to keep the baby after being confronted by anti-abortion protesters Leah Winandy and her mother, Sarah, on Nov. 24. She said she was stressed out and they made her realize that she didn’t want to end the life she was carrying inside her.

In a just world, this would be a national news story under the headline:

Pro-lifer Faces Knife, Saves Life of Unborn Child

As it is, you’ll only see that headline right here.

Related: Over at Salon, author Tracy Clark-Flory says the story is suspicious because it’s “a total anti-choicer’s wet dream.” She does not however offer any evidence that any element of the story is false. It seems clear Hall did hold a knife to a pro-lifers throat, since she was in court for same. And if she now has a child, that would seem to indicate a change of heart as related in the original story. Am I missing something? If she lied, I want to know.

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