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Jonathan Chait’s Own Hypocrisy

John on February 19, 2010 at 5:58 pm

Over at TNR, Chait has a post pointing out that while many Americans claim to be for deficit reduction, when asked about specific policies only a small minority are for cutting spending. The one exception to this rule, according to Chait, is raising taxes on the “rich.” He uses this Gallup chart to make his point:

Nothing wrong with the chart per se. People apparently support higher taxes on the rich. It’s the context of Chait’s outrage that’s so amazingly hypocritical.

You see, Chait, like just about everyone else on the left, threw a hissy fit [Correction: Wrong TNR author. Chait's hissy fit is here.] over Sarah Palin’s use of “death panels” in her critique of ObamaCare. It was an insult to our (meaning Chait’s like-minded readers) intelligence.

But when it comes to this post about Republican hubris, Chait is happy to throw out the Gallup poll without bothering to point out how badly (and intentionally) misinformed the respondents are. Who actually pays taxes?

Look at the chart for a moment (click for full size). You’ll see that the top 10% of earners are paying around 70% of all income taxes. Americans who think they aren’t paying their fair share are badly misinformed.

Wonder why Jonathan Chait doesn’t feel the need to educate America about this? Could this be an example of hypocrisy?

Update: Jonathan responded to my criticism this morning, which I appreciate. My response to what he said is here.

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