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9/11 Truther Screams at Thompson in Texas Airport (Video Added)

John on July 25, 2007 at 10:34 pm

Drudge’s headline reads “Protesters removed after heckling Fred Thompson, but skips over the interesting part. It should read “Woman who runs the “Houston 9/11 Truth” blog assails Fred Thompson.” About what? Patience…first let’s see how her own website described the event:

After asking Fred Thompson about his involvement with the Council on Foreign Relations I was pulled out of the building by the Houston Police Department. After the Houston Police took me outside I was told that I had been asked to leave once before by the TSA when that never took place, Rick who was with me a few feet back was pulled outside as I was still interviewing. Please ask yourselves why I was asked to leave when the other people asking questions were not.

I’m guessing the right answer involves a conspiracy of some sort. But, then again, it could also be the fact that you were screaming about 9/11 conspiracy theories at the top of your lungs. Unfortunately for this truther, someone had a camera rolling as she started her one-ring circus. Click here for video. If you’re feeling lazy here’s a transcription of her rant:

You are not a real conservative, sir. What do you think about World Trade Center 7? It was an inside job. What do you…Don’t grab me! You’re touching me!

At this point she is scuffling with two policemen who are attempting to remove her from the premises. That’s all the video shows, but according to CNN the video only caught the last bit of her performance:

After the woman interrupted Thompson by questioning his conservative credentials, the likely candidate said, “Don’t fuss at me. You asked me a question. Let me answer it.” He told the woman, “I try to learn as much as I can from all viewpoints.”

Later, she shouted at Thompson as the news conference ended.

So all we saw was the “later” part. She had already interrupted Thompson’s appearance earlier. Not quite how she described it on her own site.

The usual suspects are already saying that Fred didn’t handle it well. I disagree. What exactly is the right way to respond to a crazy person looking to score political points? Anything shy of “Shut up, nutter” should be praised for its restraint.

Just wait Democrats. If the polls on support for 9/11 conspiracies are accurate, we’re going to see this little scene played out many times as the election nears. How will Hillary and Obama respond. It’s coming…

Update: Here’s the video from the truther herself. Her first question is fairly calm, though she does throw in the “you are not a conservative” line. Fred’s response is calm and not at all rude. Still it’s pretty clear he’s identified this woman as not being local press and is looking to move on to another question:

YouTube Preview Image

She’s not crazy (though she is a Truther and a believer in the trans america freeway, or something):

YouTube Preview Image

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