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Face Off With Iran

John on July 24, 2007 at 11:38 pm

Another round of talks with Iran began this week. It sounds like the administration is finally putting Iran on notice:

Crocker said arguments erupted when he accused Iran of providing direct support to extremist militias — both training and actual weapons — and that Washington had “the proof.”

Qomi “took exception to that,” Crocker said, adding that a “brief summary” of the evidence was provided by the United States at the talks.

“I said we are not here to prove something in a court of law. We are here to let them know we know what they are doing and it needs to stop,” he said.

Attention Iran! We aren’t going to pretend you’re not killing our soldiers anymore. My only question is why we didn’t do this two months ago.

Bryan at Hot Air has some additional info and video. Sounds like he’s as sick of playing these games with the mullahs as I am.

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