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Obama is a Former Marxist Still in Transition

John on February 17, 2010 at 9:34 am

Audio of an interview with a college acquaintance of Barak Obama is here. This individual, John C. Drew, was struck by how militant Obama was about his beliefs in the coming revolution.

Now before we go crazy on this, here’s the thing. I was an atheist anarchist in college. Well, definitely an atheist. The anarchy part was more theoretical. But if you’d asked me I’d have probably talked a good game. Obviously I’m now a fairly conservative Christian. The point being…people change. None of us, thank God, are what we were in college (unless you’re still in college as you read this in which case you’ll just have to trust me…you’ll look back later and wonder what you were thinking).

Just because Obama was a Marxist in college doesn’t mean he’s one now. In fact, if you listen to the interview with John C. Drew, he was a Marxist in college which is why he and Obama had the same circle of friends. Now he’s an activist Republican. So again…people change.

That said (you knew this was coming, right?) I do think there are certain personality traits or ruts that one never quite escapes. I’m not an atheist and haven’t been for a long time, but the universal acid of materialism still circulates in my system. I usually know what people of a certain ilk are going to say before they say it, cause at one time I’d have said it too. People change, but they don’t forget what they once were. Not completely.

And if you look at Obama’s life since college, it doesn’t look to me as if he ever fully abandoned some of those deeper ideas. He was a Marxist concerned about social justice and at some point in his story he joined Rev. Wright’s church and became a kind of liberation theology Christian concerned about social justice. He was a community organizer, which is basically a follower of Marxist Saul Alinsky. He believed in a coming revolution and he led a campaign for President whose central tenet was change.

Even if he has genuinely embraced a new guiding narrative (free markets, Christianity, etc.) that doesn’t mean he’s worked out all the street level details. So we have a President who says he’s a Christian (and I believe that at the 30,000 foot level, he really is) but he doesn’t get to church very often. We have a President who repeatedly says that he believes in free markets and small jobs as the engine of growth (and again, I think he means it) but you can’t help but notice that his first instinct in every circumstance is to see what government can do about it, whatever it is.

Barack Obama is a former Marxist, a man who hasn’t quite worked out all the details about what that looks like yet. He’s not a very old man, after all. His Marxist days are only about 22-23 years behind him and the switch from Marxist radical to Christian free market booster is a big, big transition. Lots of ground to cover between point A and point B. I think Barack Obama would have been a much better President if he’d had another 8 years to reflect on things.

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