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Dick Dawkins the Dictator

John on July 20, 2007 at 10:38 pm

For some atheists there’s a fine line between sharing their views and ramming them down everyone else’s throats. Dick Dawkins has crossed that line many times before, but today he’s in fine form. Hat tip to Kim at Wizbang:

Dawkins has said he would remove all financial support from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim schools and make them teach atheism; prohibit hospital chaplains from solacing the ill; and undertake other measures to combat the “infantile regression” of religious belief. And what about parents who persist in telling their children about religion? “It’s probably too strong to say the state should have the right to take children away from their parents,” Dawkins told an interviewer. “But I think we have got to look very carefully at the rights of parents-and whether they should have the right to indoctrinate their children.”

Now take a moment and imagine a Christian pastor claiming in a public interview that parents who refuse to teach their kids the Bible should have them taken away. Imagine the outcry. Imagine the TV profiles and the NY Times editorializing that would follow. I predict no fewer than a dozen books would highlight such a quote as a sign of creeping theocracy withing 18 months of it being uttered.

But Dawkins will draw no criticism, certainly not from his own crowd. You see, it’s quite “reasonable” for the best and brightest — as atheists are wont to see themselves — to dictate to everyone else how to live. Why shouldn’t they decide who gets to raise your kids? Or who gets to have kids at all?

Dawkins is a walking object lesson. If it were up to him religion wouldn’t just be shunned and discouraged it would a crime for which people could lose access to their own children. If the new atheists succeed in pushing their agenda, eventually it won’t be just talk. They’ll do it. Don’t doubt it for a minute.

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