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It Really Bothers the Left That Sarah Palin is Beautiful

John on February 16, 2010 at 9:36 am

Have a look at this page by designer Kellyanne Hanrahan.

The Photoshop work is excellent, though there are some obvious mistakes. If you look at them generally, this isn’t Palin deglamourized so much as de-womanized. It’s not just earrings, glasses and lipstick that have been removed, it’s her hair and eyelashes. The hairstyle is masculine in several images and the color is a truly odd shade of purple in a couple of them. In every case, the sheen in her hair has been removed, giving the sense that the revised Palin doesn’t bathe very often.

I get that Kellyanne was trying to remove the makeup to de-glamorize Palin, but in the process she has essentially removed Palin’s eyelashes. In combination with the masculine hair style and thickened eyebrows the effect is to make her face less feminine. I assume that was intentional, though it begs the obvious question…why?

It’s no secret that Sarah Palin’s looks have attracted a lot of attention from friend and foe alike. One response to it, which we saw repeatedly during the election, was to transform her into a pouting porn star (literally in the case of one infamous film). This had the intended effect of rendering her ridiculous. The other extreme is the one Kellyanne has chosen, i.e. to turn her into a dowdy, masculine pol ready for a pantsuit.

I guess the bottom line here is that Palin’s beauty really, really bothers some people. And by people, I mean liberals.

In the above, Palin’s eyebrows have been thickened, her lipstick and color toned down, her eyelashes shortened, eyeliner removed, earrings removed, hair cropped and dulled to a desaturated brown. Finally the top of her ears have been (accidentally?) lowered, giving them an odd shape.

[HT: Althouse]

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