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VS Interviews Yesterday

John on February 12, 2010 at 8:37 am

Yesterday, Morgen and I were interviewed for a documentary on new media and how it is changing the news business. The final show will be about 100 minutes long, of which our talk about blogging in general and the Sotomayor nomination in particular will be just a fraction.The show is being produced by a Japanese news company that makes multiple versions for sale to places like PBS and the BBC.

It was pretty odd having my office turned into a set, but I enjoyed having a chance to sound off on camera. They filmed a bit with my family, which my wife and I decided was okay after discussing it. I told some behind the scenes stories I hadn’t told before. Felt sort of weird doing that, my mind was jumping between a) who cares and b) should I have said that? The whole process took about 4 hours. The small crew (4 in all) was extremely professional and obviously very good at their jobs.

Both Morgen and I felt completely exhausted when it was over. Something about being on camera and having to think on your feet for that amount of time is really draining.

The show (I don’t know the working title) will be airing in Japan this Spring, but we’re hopeful that some version of it will be airing here in America not long after. We’ll be sure to mention it if that happens.

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