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How Much for a “Clear Conscience?” How About $660,000,000!

Scott on July 16, 2007 at 9:03 am

Cardinal Roger Mahoney, leader of the nation’s largest Roman Catholic archdiocese, is a dirt bag of the lowest order. Sorry. I call them as I see them. He has done everything in his power to obfuscate the truth connected to pedophile priests within the Catholic church. He has tried to invoke privilege where none exists. He has claimed that personnel records are subject to the “sanctity” of the confessional. He has claimed ignorance of the specifics of many of the abuse cases, even though the records that are already public point to his having direct knowledge of the predilections of various priests under his supervision.

Now, when he was just days away from having to testify in court about this whole ugly, sad, pathetic, disgusting scandal surrounding pedophile priests, he has agreed to a settlement of $660,000,000. Though this settlement doesn’t affect any criminal investigations currently under way by the Los Angeles D.A.’s office, it does remove from Mahoney’s shoulders the burden of having to offer sworn testimony which could be used against him later on if criminal charges are brought against him.

I’m not one who will typically argue about the condition of someone’s heart or about the relative “quality” of their salvation. But in this case, I have to make an exception. Mahoney acts with a blatant disregard for the well-being of the parishioners under his care. He specifically has no concern for the children living within the church. If he did, he would have moved years ago to limit interactions between suspected priests and any child while taking decisive steps to deal with the priests including suspension of all duties and immediate communications with local law enforcement.

Mahoney also acts with a total disdain for the rule of law. He has tried for years to use the power of the Los Angeles archdiocese to block police investigations into the criminal wrong-doing of hundreds of priests under his “leadership.” He has done everything he can to delay the consequences of these priests’ actions (as well as the actions of his own). If I was God, I’m thinking that I would give Roger a Go to Hell card (“Go to Hell. Go Directly to Hell. Do Not Pass Go…or Purgatory. Do Not Collect $200).

If Mahoney truly was a man whose primary goal was to live a life pleasing to God, he would have turned all necessary records over to the police years ago. He would have resigned his post as Cardinal and would have pledged the rest of his life to doing whatever he could to help make amends for what happened on his watch and to help in the long healing process that hundreds of families need to experience who have been damaged by this scandal of hisoric proportions.

Instead, he is totally invested in maintaining his power within the Catholic system of leadership.

Though I know that in the end, Mahoney will meet Justice when he comes face to face with the All-Powerful God of the Universe, I can’t help but think that it would be nice to see some of that Justice now…with Mahoney in court in criminal proceedings on CourtTV.

I think that if he was executed for his part in this shame, I might even pay for it on Pay-Per-View.

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