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Waiting for Godzilla (Update)

Scott on July 16, 2007 at 7:24 am

John adds: Godzilla hasn’t arrived yet, but Japan was hit with a second quake just as big as the first which left  buildings in Tokyo swaying.

[End update]

godzilla.jpgJapan has had a rough day of it…They were hit with a 6.8 earthquake which destroyed bridges, homes and businesses in the North. On the heals of the earthquake, there were fears that a tsunami may have been triggered, and though the tsunami threat seems to be over for now, they are still on tsunami watch as a large aftershock could trigger a deadly wave with very little warning. Also as a result of the earthquake, a nuclear power plant suffered significant damage which lead to a leak of radioactive water into the Sea of Japan.

Earthquake. Tsunami. Dangerous Radioactivity.

Does anyone else think this sounds like the opening scene to a Godzilla movie?

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