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Declaring Financial War on Iran

John on July 13, 2007 at 7:23 pm

Also from the NY Sun. It’s about time:

President Bush is set to instruct the Treasury Department to block assets associated with Iran’s revolutionary guard corps in a new executive order declaring financial war on foreign saboteurs of the Iraqi government.

The paperwork to designate Iran’s revolutionary guard corps, or IRGC, and Quds Force is now on the president’s desk awaiting his signature, according to three administration officials who requested anonymity. The designation of the IRGC and Quds Force would mark the first time the finance related executive order process, reserved usually for foreign terrorist organizations, would be used against a branch of a foreign military.

No surprise, the State Dept. was against it:

The idea of listing the Revolutionary Guard under the new executive order drew controversy in the lower levels of the interagency process. State Department lawyers in particular argued that the designation could prompt foreign countries to declare segments of the American armed forces as terrorists as well. The move will also undoubtedly raise already high tensions between America and Iran.

It’s a bit silly to be worrying about “tensions” when Iran is actively killing our troops. There must be a low-IQ prerequisite for State Dept. lawyers.

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