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Battery Breakthroughs

John on February 6, 2010 at 12:09 am

I’m always fascinated by these because the potential (pun intended) is so great. Two breakthroughs hit the papers today. First up a Japanese company claims they have found a way to extend the lifespan of Lithium-Ion batteries by 10x. As many of us know, current L-Ion batteries wear out after a few years and are expensive to replace.

Next, a new type of plastic capacitor which, while not technically a battery, looks to have potential in many battery based applications. Advantages: It is both lighter and charges far more quickly than traditional batteries. Also, there are no dangerous chemicals involved and it can be made wafer thin. Apparently, Volvo is already planning to replace part of the battery pack in a hybrid vehicle with this lighter, safer material. There’s a working prototype. Can’t wait to see what develops from this one.

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