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S is for Slander

John on February 5, 2010 at 3:48 pm

Salon posted an article a couple days ago which more or less says that James O’Keefe is a white supremacist. Yesterday, Big Journalism responded by pointing out numerous factual errors in the piece. Today, Patterico takes it a step further by pointing out that some of the key claims against O’Keefe aren’t backed up by someone who was there at the event.

It’s clear that the left has the long knives out for James O’Keefe. It looks like they aren’t even waiting for the fact to line up before practicing the politics of personal destruction they claim to deplore.

Addendum: Not surprisingly, LGF is one of the liberal blogs panting over this story. This one he’s willing to walk back now that it has been shown to be full of errors. Still waiting for Charles to issue a correction on this one.

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