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The Iranian Nuclear Threat

John on July 10, 2007 at 9:31 am

Two stories in the Jerusalem Post today that shed light on what’s happening in Iran and how we know. First, this one has an insiders view from Israeli Brig.-Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser, former head of Military Intelligence’s Research Division:

He said Iran was preparing for the possibility of war, but that deep down the Islamic leadership did not believe that either the United States or Israel were in a position of strength that would enable them to launch such a complicated military operation. Iran, he said, was purchasing Russian air defense systems and was fortifying its nuclear facilities and moving key elements to underground bunkers in preparation for the possibility that its assessments were wrong and it would in the end be attacked.

“The Iranians are working around the clock on improving military capabilities and they are also moving centrifuges to underground facilities,” he said.

Next up, an old name resurfaces. Iranian Gen. Ali-Reza Asghari disappeared under mysterious circumstances on February 7, 2007. It was suspected he defected to the US. Apparently that’s true:

asghari.jpgAccording to Sunday’s report, CIA agents contacted Asghari, who met them in Istanbul. Asghari even managed to get some of his family out of Iran and bring them with him to the US.

Asghari has since revealed new and relevant information about Iran’s nuclear progress, saying that in addition to reactors and uranium enrichment facility centrifuges being built in the country, Iran has also developed the technology to enrich uranium with lasers.

Laser enrichment is a relatively old technique, but Iran has evidently added chemical enhancements that make the technology more advanced, the report said.

And is it just me or does Gen. Asghari have a passing resemblance to the late Freddie Mercury?

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