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In the Womb TV Special

John on March 6, 2005 at 5:08 pm

Tonight the National Geographic channel ran a two hour special called ‘In the Womb’ which presents the world of the unborn using the latest 4D ultrasound techniques.

I came across a review of the show in the NY Times (courtesy of that I found telling. Since the show is full of images of unborn babies looking remarkably, well…human, it’s not surprising that the Times’ review is fraught with a kind of cognitive dissonace. Here’s an excerpt from the opening paragraph:

you have to watch the little creature in utero, growing in all its Operation Rescue propaganda detail, in the National Geographic Channel’s latest unveiling of the hideous miracle of life.

Despite her obvious discomort, the reviewer goes on to say that she likes the show:

“‘In the Womb’ is actually a cool, beautiful movie, a celebration of computer imaging and the 4-D ultrasound. It exhibits a minimum of politics, probably because it appears to have been made in England, where the acknowledgement that humans in the womb are complex, dreaming, pain-experiencing, memory-having, walk-practicing, music-enjoying entities does not instantly put you in the same camp as doctor assassins and purveyors of ‘The Silent Scream.’”

I find this fascinating. The reviewer seems to be criticizing pro-lifers as zealots while simultaneously embracing their message in an almost offhanded way, as if the truth of the matter is accepted by all. This is someone who has just realized she’s basically pro-life, but who can’t let go of the bitter stereotype of the people she associates with that idea.

I love this review because it’s a snapshot of what is probably the rarest of events in our public discourse on this issue: a mind caught in the act of being changed.

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