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Doctor Zero on the Tebow Ad

John on January 29, 2010 at 5:36 pm

The whole thing is worth reading, but I thought this bit was particularly well written:

My own opposition to abortion-on-demand is not religious in nature. I believe there aren’t enough people in the world. The decision to deny a human being his, or her, opportunity to enter the living world and make the choices that compose a lifetime should never be made lightly. For people of religious faith, the exercise of free will was a parting gift to creation from its Author. For the atheist, the expanding nova of human choice brings light and meaning into a universe of cold dust and searing plasma. Either way, life is precious, and it follows that those who follow Pam Tebow’s path are worthy of respect. How can we render that respect, if we insist her choice was absolutely equivalent to terminating little Tim, right up to the moment when his head emerged from the birth canal?

We’ll have won the culture wars when secular humanists join our cause on the merits. Some of them already have of course, but the bulk of them are still on the other side of this issue. But as Doc Zero ably points out, there’s a good argument that they should switch sides. Everyone who assumes the value of human life (and not everyone does these days) ought to find common cause on this issue, the human rights struggle of our generation.

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