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Obama: Health Care Was Not a Deceptive Big Government Plot

John on January 29, 2010 at 1:22 pm

Saw this at Gateway Pundit:

YouTube Preview Image

The first thing I notice is that the President is reprimanding Republicans for labeling his health reform proposal some kind of socialist, big government plot. Funny, but I seem to remember hearing almost identical complaints from the President a few months ago. Then as now he was eager to convince his listeners that no such plot existed. Well Mr. President, all I can say to that is…

You lie.

A reminder for those who’ve forgotten:

YouTube Preview Image

Because no one in the MSM ever bothered to report on the eminently real and verifiable attempt by liberals to quietly move the country toward single-payer, the President is once again washing his hands of it and claiming he was never party to it.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve pointed out on this blog that this is the central issue in the debate. It is now, it was this summer and it has been since late April.

Here again, the President confirms that this is the core of the debate. It was the public option and the Republicans discovery of Democrats real intent that led to it being labeled a “trojan horse” and  a big government plot. This is what put the brakes on ObamaCare. The rest were side issues. And yet, unbelievably, we still have Cokie Roberts on This Week just last Sunday proclaiming that she never understood what all the fuss surrounding the public option was about.

The President knows what the debate was about. Republican Senators know. Only the American people have been kept in the dark. Is anyone in the MSM ever going to write the real story or are we just going to keep playing this game?

Addendum: Ace has a less restrained but still accurate take on this clip.

[HT: Ed Rohrback]

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