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London Bomb Plot Round-Up

John on July 2, 2007 at 9:59 am

Two men in a Jeep rammed their car/bomb into Glasgow airport yesterday morning. The attack was definitely connected to the two other car bombs in London. Police were hot on the trail of the Glasgow bombers when they struck. They were hampered by the rental office where one of the men lived which apparently did not answer the phone during lunch hour.

Fortunately, the bombers plan completely failed. Their Jeep got stuck on a street sign and didn’t crash into the airport itself. The bomb itself didn’t completely go off and quick thinking security actually put out the men who exited the car in flames. No one was killed.

Seven people are under arrest in connection with the Glasgow plot. Police believe all three bombs were created by one Al Qaeda cell of perhaps 8 people. Here’s a Sky News rundown of the suspects’ identities.

Finally, this analysis of news coverage of the plot by the NY Sun is worth a look. A sample:

The initial discussions of the three car bombs — two in central London were defused, unexploded — were déjà vu writ large: Blaming the victims, criticizing British foreign policy offenses that might have “driven” British Muslims to kill their countrymen, highlighting the frustrations of minority communities forced to live in the West, and renewing calls for — yes, indeed — more interreligious dialogue.

It was not much better in America. With live images of the Glasgow International Airport fires blazing away, American networks hosted the so-called experts who, again, explained the “torment” of poor Muslims. Disgracefully, one guest — Michael Scheuer, a former CIA analyst who is a familiar face now whenever instant analysis is needed — droned on about the many reasons Muslims are “so” offended by this or that behavior in the West.

Last night I watched an episode of BBC’s new Robin Hood television show for the first time. In the episode I saw, Robin and his merry men free a group of enslaved Muslims. The Muslim characters are all portrayed as sincere, put upon people who only wish to be left alone. By contrast the Christian faith of one of Robin’s men is used as comic relief throughout the episode. But the greatest bit of artistic license had to be that the group of Muslims was being led by a smart, resourceful woman! At least twice in the hour long episode she lectured Robin on Christianity’s attacks on her people (The Crusades).

I realize news and entertainment are separate entities at the BBC, as at any network. But watching that TV episode and then reading the Sun article above, it’s pretty obvious they’re all working from the same script. Muslims are victims who need to be understood. Christians are persecutors and fools who deserve to be rebuked or laughed at.

As last week’s attacks should make clear, this is almost precisely the opposite of reality. Muslims are almost universally the perpetrators of terror attacks around the world. And in many places — London, Indonesia, Africa — Christians are the victims of the attacks. Anti-Christian bias is the only reason these simple facts never come to light at the BBC (or any other network).

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