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The Catholic Church and Values – Stealing BAD, but Pedophilia OK!

Scott on July 2, 2007 at 8:46 am

Within the paradigm of the Catholic Church there ARE things that people should be punished for. While pedophilia isn’t one of those things, apparently stealing is.

The Archdiocese of Nebraska is suing Sister Barbara Markey and some of her family members in order to recover nearly $900,000 the archdiocese says she stole as director of the archdiocese’s Catholic Family Life Office.

I agree that if Sister Barbara is guilty of stealing (and based on the information that has been released, there isn’t much doubt), she should be punished.

But if the Catholic Church is upset enough about a nun stealing money that they will take her to both criminal and civil court, why don’t they take steps to have their priests punished in criminal court for destroying the lives of THOUSANDS of young boys and men across the country?

Maybe it’s just me, but that seems inconsistent.

What Sister Barbara Markey should have done is taken part of that money she stole and used it to pay for hotel rooms to molest young children. Then the Catholic Church would have given her all the cover and forgiveness she needed.

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