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Ellie Light Lives in Huntington Beach?

John on January 25, 2010 at 8:44 am

The blogs have been buzzing this weekend about the efforts of one Ellie Light. Patterico has identified at least 65 newspapers that have published her (identical) letters to the editor.

Ellie (or someone claiming to be Ellie) has also left comments on a couple blogs explaining her side of the story. Her IP address comes back to Huntington Beach, CA, aka my home town. Which gives me an idea…The easiest way to settle this would be for Ellie to give an interview with someone local (ahem).

So, Ellie, if you see this, why not contact me and we can do a phone interview. Or if you’re not the nervous, wallflowery type, we could meet for coffee at the Starbucks of your choice. I’ll bring my camera (and my little boy who is home with me today). And if you don’t want to reveal your real name, I’m willing to conceal it so long as you can prove you’re really the person who sent those letters. A few old e-mails showing the responses from newspaper editors would be enough.

Don’t be shy, Ellie. This is your chance to go on the record.

Addendum: A list of Ellie’s hits. Also, this reminded me of a related story I wrote about in September: Who is Behind Jack Smith- Working Class. In fact, Jack had placed his 3-4 letters on well over 100K  sites! He responded in my comments and swore he was a real person. I’m still not convinced. Maybe Ellie Light and Jack Smith share an employer.

Update: Someone claiming to be the real Ellie Light calls in to a PA radio show. Audio is here.

Final Update: Ellie Light is actually a guy named Winston Steward. That was apparently him pretending to be a woman on the radio show linked above. What a nut.

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