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Charles Johnson Featured in NY Times

John on January 22, 2010 at 10:04 pm

As Ace points out, it’s not the fawning coverage he gets demands at home:

No one ever said L.G.F., or any blog, had to be about the free exchange of ideas. “It’s his sandbox,” Pamela Geller says simply. “He can do whatever he wants.” Still, if you read L.G.F. today, you will find it hard to miss the paradox that a site whose origins, and whose greatest crisis, were rooted in opposition to totalitarianism now reads at times like a blog version of “Animal Farm.” Johnson seems obsessed with what others think of him, posting much more often than he used to about references to himself elsewhere on the Internet and breaking into comment threads (a recent one was about the relative merits of top- versus front-loaded washing machines) to call commenters’ attention to yet another attack on him that was posted at some other site. On the home page, you can click to see the Top 10 comments of the day, as voted on by registered users; typically, half of those comments will be from Johnson himself. Even longtime commenters have been disappeared for one wrong remark, or one too many, and when it comes to wondering where they went or why, a kind of fearful self-censorship obtains. He has banned readers because he has seen them commenting on other sites of which he does not approve. He is, as he reminds them, always watching.

No doubt he (or one of his mermen) will discover this post. No doubt he’ll pretend to ignore it, like he did this one. Too bad Google won’t be so kind.

Which reminds me…

It has now been five weeks since Charles made some demonstrably false comments about an abortion related story coming out of Virginia and about blogs that reported it. Despite having the errors pointed out by myself and others in some detail, and despite having nothing but his own opinion of Virgina law to back himself up, Charles never did get around to correcting his error. Of course that didn’t stop him from running a daily post about errors committed by others.

Ah, well, if a hypocrite is what Charles wants to be known as, I guess it’s his sandbox.

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