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And Still Another Idiot Judge

Scott on June 25, 2007 at 11:09 am

This guy isn’t as delusional as the other judges that John and I have posted about in the past both here and here.

I think that this judge is just an idiot and an a@# who also happens to have too much power at his disposal.

District of Columbia administrative law judge Roy L. Pearson took a suit to the cleaners over two years ago to have it cleaned and pressed. As happens from time to time, the two pieces of the suit were accidentally separated from each other. When the judge came to pick up the suit, the cleaners only had the jacket for him. The pants were found within a matter of days, but the judge wasn’t happy. Even though the pants were clearly a match for the jacket, and even though the cleaner’s identification tags matched between the jacket and the lost-but-then-found-pants, the judge wasn’t satisfied. He claimed that the pants weren’t his and that the cleaners didn’t just owe him a new pair of pants or even a new suit. He decided that the cleaners owed him damages…and A LOT of damages…like $54,000,000 in damages!

THAT’S 54 MILLION DOLLARS IN DAMAGES…ALL BECAUSE OF A SUIT! (Now maybe you understand why I said this guy is an idiot and an a#@.)

He has spent two years legally abusing the husband and wife owners of the dry cleaners, terrorizing them with his abuse of position and power, costing them tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees which they could not afford to lose.

This case has been making its way through the courts and has finally been resolved.

Guess What? The dude/idiot/a@#/”judge” lost and was ordered to pay for the family’s legal expenses.

Now “Judge” Roy L. Pearson just needs to be fired and then shot, or shot and then fired!

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