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Another Idiot Judge

John on June 25, 2007 at 9:49 am

About a year and a half ago, Scott wrote about a judge in Vermont who handed out a 60 day sentence to a child molester. The same judge (Edward Cashman) later released a second man on bond who was facing trial for molesting the same girl.

Today we have the story of a judge in England who seems to be vying for “idiot judge of the year.”:

judge-hall.jpg Attorney General Lord Goldsmith is considering appealing against a sentence given to a window cleaner for raping a 10-year-old girl.

Keith Fenn, 24, was given concurrent two-year and 18-month jail sentences at Oxford Crown Court by Judge Julian Hall for two attacks on the girl in a park.

Because of the amount of time he has already spent in prison awaiting sentence, Fenn could be free in a few months time.

Judge Julian Hall is at the centre of a storm over the “pathetically” lenient sentence he imposed after hearing that the girl had appeared much older than her age.

As with Judge Cashman, this seems to be a pattern:

In February, Judge Hall caused uproar when he suggested to Eric Cole – who admitting putting his hands down the trousers of a girl aged just six – that he buy his victim a new bicycle to cheer her up.

He described the convicted paedophile’s actions as “quite mild” and gave him a nine-month suspended sentence.

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