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Obama Responds to Voters in MA…By Talking About Himself

Morgen on January 21, 2010 at 10:46 am

The President may be reflecting on the lessons of Tuesday’s election results in Massachusetts, but if this interview with George Stephanopoulos yesterday is any indication, he doesn’t seem to have learned the right lesson:

STEPHANOPOULOS: But it sounds like you’re saying — no second thoughts on your fundamental strategy?

OBAMA: Well look, what I would say is that first of all, I wish we had gotten it done faster because I think that if we had gotten health care done faster, people would have understood the degree to which every single day George, health care is part of a broader context of how am I going to be able to move the middle class forward in a more secure and stable way, and I think that what’s happened is, is over the course of this year, there’s been a fixation, an obsession in terms of the focus on the health care process in Congress that distracted from all the other things that we’re trying to do to make sure that this economy is working for ordinary people.

In an interview responding to the message sent by voters in Massachusetts, by my count the President used the word “I” 156 times. 156!

“How am I going to be able to move the middle class forward in a more secure and stable way”!? Does the President really believe this is his mandate?

The best way to “move the middle class forward” is to get the hell out of their way. If the President would put an end to his Administration’s relentless war against private enterprise, profits, wealth, and every other by-product of prosperity…I guarantee we would be much farther along the road to economic recovery.

This Administration, and the federal government in general, has proven itself to be wholly incapable of managing even its own affairs in a “secure and stable way”. As I write this, the White House is seeking to increase the limit on the national debt by an additional $1.9 trillion. And those charged with protecting our homeland against foreign attack seem to be equally focused on escaping blame and finger-pointing, as they are on belatedly realizing that we are at war against an enemy determined to destroy us.

The idea that the federal government – or laughably, the President himself – is the solution to our problems is anathema to most Americans. We do not want the federal government further intruding into our lives via the healthcare system, nor do we want them intruding into the rest of the private sector either.

If the President does not get this message now, after Scott Brown’s stunning victory on Tuesday, then perhaps he will in November.

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