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Campaign for Health Care: Yes Please!

John on January 20, 2010 at 9:39 am

Saw this in the Hot Air headlines. From the Daily Caller:

David Plouffe, who ran Obama’s presidential campaign, was defiant, saying that the Massachusetts election was not a referendum on health care.

“We have a choice as a party. We can cut and run, which I think will be devastating to the country or we can get this done,” Plouffe said. “We ought to get this done and we ought to go out on the campaign”

Mr. Plouffe is a professional and I’m just an unpaid blogger. But it seems to me, having watched this process very closely, that every time the Dems go on the campaign trail for health reform, the public reaction grows even more negative.

First it happened over the summer recess at the townhalls. That was a disaster.

Then there was a brief spike in the popularity of the plan around late Septempber/early October (somewhere in there). The president jumped on that and began talking it up again. And the numbers dropped again.

So, please, by all means. Put the President’s full faith and credit down on this one. It’s a perfect way to lead into the 2010 elections (if you’re a Republican that is).

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