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First Family of French Socialism Falls Apart

John on June 20, 2007 at 8:42 am

After losing the Presidential election in France, Segolene Royal has now announced a split from her “partner” of 20 years, fellow socialist Francois Hollande. Francois has apparently taken up with a young reporter whose job was to cover the socialist party in France.


Let’s see…A socialist presidential candidate and her philandering partner have been together for years but rumors suggest they aren’t happy. Comparisons to Bill and Hillary seem obvious. The couple also engaged in some crafty media manipulation to cover over their troubles in the press:

For the speculation about their relationship has preoccupied France for some time. Last spring, there were cosy photographs of the couple arm in arm on a Riviera holiday.

When rivals suggested the pictures were orchestrated to counter gossip about their relationship, Royal protested innocence, declaring: “The pictures were snatched.”

Straight out of the Bill and Hillary playbook! Remember the Clinton’s “caught” dancing on a private beach? It gets better:

Months later, Royal was suggesting she and Hollande might be about to marry. And just weeks ago, the pair were launching legal action against the authors of a different book from the one she sanctioned – one that suggested all was not well with them.

The fact that Royal was reportedly seen wearing a wedding ring during the closing stages of the election campaign to woo the family vote simply adds fuel to criticism of her cynical ambition.

Sort of similar to how Hillary’s name changes from “Rodham-Clinton” to “Clinton” depending how close it is to election season.


It makes me wonder how long Bill and Hillary will stay together once her ambition is no longer keeping them that way.

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