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Coakley Wins…Out of State Donors

Morgen on January 19, 2010 at 3:31 pm

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

The Boston Business Journal refutes the liberal meme that out-of-state “tea baggers” and “shady right-wing organizations“ have carried the Brown campaign:

While popular wisdom had it that out-of-state donors flocked to Brown, they in fact came through in a greater percentage basis for Coakley in the last pre-election period reported by the campaigns.

Some 70 percent of Brown’s donors listed in the final 48-hour report filed Jan. 14 were from out of state.

But for Coakley during the same period, 78 percent of donors were from out-of-state.

The article goes on to note that in gross numbers Brown had more out-of-state donors, but only because he had nearly twice as many donors as Coakley in total.

Early results should be available in a couple of hours. With the Democrats already starting the blame game, it’s not looking good for Marcia.

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