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Pelosi: “We will have healthcare – one way or another” (Video)

Morgen on January 18, 2010 at 5:12 pm

From the San Francisco Chronicle’s Politics blog, Nancy Pelosi responds to the question of how a Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts would effect the legislative effort on healthcare reform:

There you have it – no surprises here. Why would Pelosi and gang retreat now after withstanding 6+ month of overwhelming public opposition? They are shackled to this monstrosity of a bill, and will do everything in their power to force it on the American public.

The only question is, can they? It seems almost certain that a Scott Brown victory in MA (in MA!!!) will give a lot of moderate Democrats in the House pause about voting for this bill. And liberals in the House will face the wrath of their constituents if they vote for the Senate bill as is. With it’s excise tax on union health plans, lower subsidies, and lack of a public option. (And don’t worry about the Senate. If Brown wins, ObamaCare cannot survive another vote there whether he is seated or not. It’s the Senate bill passed on Christmas Eve, or nothing.)

If Brown wins, I think it’s over.

Exit question: did Pelosi just roll out of bed for this interview?

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