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It’s Time for Another VS Contest!

Morgen on January 17, 2010 at 8:00 am

Blogger and tweeter extraordinaire Melissa Clouthier tipped me off this morning to this incredible story in the Telegraph this morning. Apparently the State Department and/or the FBI used facial features from a real-life Spanish politician for that mocked up photo released earlier this week of an aged Osama bin Laden (right). I’m not including the name or picture of this poor guy, but suffice it to say it is quite obvious that the feds borrowed heavily from his image in constructing the Bin Laden picture. He may never be able to board an airplane again.

I’ll let others handle the ridicule and/or outrage at the State Department for this indefensible screw-up. It gave me an idea for a new contest! If our government can pick on a random politician from Spain and merge his face with Bin Laden’s, I figure our fearless leaders are fair game too.

Courtesy of the phenomenal web site (an incredible amount of fun, all for FREE), 12 pictures are below. The first person to correctly identify all 12 individuals morphed with Bin Laden, in order, will win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Most of them are gimmes, and all but one of them are celebrities of one sort or another. Make your guesses in the comments. You are welcome to crowd source the answers on this but the first person to name them ALL will win the prize.

Good luck! (Click images below to enlarge)

New hint: the person pictured who is not a celebrity is NOT the animal. Which I suppose is not a person anyway, but it is a celebrity of sorts. Let me know which one(s) you are struggling with and I may toss out some more clues.

(1/18): Ok, maybe some of these weren’t as easy as I thought. (Or perhaps $25 isn’t much of a motivator these days.) One of the people pictured is me. All the others with the exception of the animal are pretty well known political celebrities. Most of them White House or congressional insiders, but a couple of media figures, and another who has come to define a corrupt, state-level politician. Oh, and there are 2 Nobel winners, including one who doesn’t fall under any of the categories I just mentioned.

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