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Coakley Snubbed Obama at Boston Birthday Bash in 2008 (With Audio)

Morgen on January 16, 2010 at 11:18 am

With the President traveling to Massachusetts tomorrow in a last ditch effort to bail out Martha Coakley’s faltering Senate campaign, I think this blast from the past is especially timely. One of the focal points of the Obama-Hillary rift during the Democratic primary was Massachusetts, with the Kennedy clan famously turning on the Clintons to support Obama’s candidacy, and with Hillary still going on to an easy win in the Massachusetts primary.

The primary was in early February 2008. On August 4, 2008, just 3 weeks before the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Massachusetts Democrats held a very high profile birthday fundraiser for Obama in Boston. As the Boston Globe reported:

Boston’s biggest names in Democratic politics, divided into two camps during the bitter presidential primary, united last night to throw Barack Obama a 47th birthday bash that doubled as a major campaign fund-raiser…

The private fund-raiser, the Illinois senator’s first Boston appearance since clinching the Democratic nomination in early June, was designed to be a coming-together of sorts for local supporters of Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton, whose backers were deeply angry at how they believed Clinton was treated by the media and some Obama surrogates during the prolonged primaries…

A host of prominent local figures were on hand, including Governor Deval Patrick; Senator John F. Kerry; US Representatives Edward Markey and William Delahunt; Boston’s mayor, Thomas M. Menino; and former governor Michael Dukakis.

Noticeably absent from this list was none other than Massachusetts Attorney General and long-time Hillary Clinton supporter, Martha Coakley. An NPR report from the time confirms she was not in attendance:

[audio:|titles=npr reports on obama birthday bash]


[NPR reporter]: Much has been made of the rift between Hillary Clinton’s supporters and Obama’s in this presidential campaign. Last night provided some evidence that the rift is closing. Seven hundred thousand dollars – about one-seventh of the money raised – came from Clinton supporters.

There were some notable absences at last night’s party. The most prominent woman to hold office in Massachusetts, Attorney General Martha Coakley, a former Clinton supporter, decided not to go.

[Coakley]: No particular reason. I’m a supporter of the…uh…candidate. It is a big price tag.

[NPR reporter]: A $1000 and up.

In fact Coakley was such a supporter of “the candidate” that just 3 weeks later, as an official delegate representing the State of Massachusetts at the Democratic National Convention, she voted for HILLARY CLINTON even after Clinton had formally released all of her delegates to vote for Obama!

Ah, you have to love politics. LOVE…IT.

So here we have Martha Coakley, who less than 18 months ago could not see her way to shelling out a measly $1000 in a gesture of party unity (and on Obama’s birthday no less), now hoping beyond hope for Obama to save her campaign this weekend. Then you have Obama, who is forced to put aside Coakley’s petty back-stabbing and campaign for her this weekend, only to risk even further emasculation of his political clout on the very real possibility that Coakley loses to Scott Brown on Tuesday. All because the centerpiece of his legislative agenda for all of 2009 – ObamaCare – is on the verge of going down in flames.

Didn’t I say that 2010 was going to be fun?

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