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Michael Moore Says “Take My Movie”

John on June 15, 2007 at 2:50 pm

Drudge has a headline up noting that Michael Moore’s latest “documentary” is available online, despite the fact that it is still two weeks until it arrives in theaters.

Asked to comment on the situation, Moore said (video here) that he didn’t agree with the copyright laws and felt it was okay for people to “share” his movie:

As long they’re not doing it to make a profit off it, as long as they’re not, you know, trying to make a profit off my labor.  I would oppose that.  But um, you know I do quite well and I um I don’t know, I make these books and movies and TV shows because I want things to change, so the more people that get to see them the better, and um, so I’m, I’m happy when that happens, OK?


I’m completely against intellectual property theft over the web, but I am also for freedom to distribute information as one chooses.  If Moore wants to give away his work for free, it’s not theft to take it. It’s his choice.

Personally, I think it’s likely Moore himself put it on the web. He used You Tube to put out the call for stories about health care and to promote the film’s trailer. Releasing it online is obviously in line with his socialist views.

Frankly, if his new film loses 10 million worth of opening weekend box office, I won’t feel too bad about that.

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