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Devastation in Haiti – Pt 2

Scott on January 14, 2010 at 12:26 pm

The news continues to go from bad to worse in Haiti.  I am reading death toll estimates into the hundreds of thousands.  I hope/pray that those are not accurate, but given the video that is coming off the island, it appears that even those estimates might be low.

The videos that are appearing on Youtube by the minute are giving a frighteningly clear image of what is going on there.  Here are a few I have come across over the last several hours:

Outdoor Surveillance Camera Catches Buildings As They Begin to Collapse:

YouTube Preview Image

(Pay attention to the upper left side of the video.  At about 20 seconds, you’ll see the buildings start to crumble.)

Above Port-au-Prince as the Buildings Fall and the Dust and Smoke Begin to Rise:

(This seems to have been shot with a camera phone.  If you look closely it almost looks like a foggy/misty day on the coast somewhere, but what appears to be clouds and mist are, in reality, smoke and dust.  The woman who is filming is speaking in Haitian Creole, but right at the end, in English, she says, “The world is coming to an end.” )

Coast Guard Flyover Above Port-au-Prince or Les Cayes (not sure witch):

YouTube Preview Image

(Jump to 27 seconds and you’ll begin to see the crowds of people with no place to go.)

Devastation in Les Cayes (up the coast from Port-au-Prince):

YouTube Preview Image

(Many of the 5-7 ft tall “platforms” where people are standing had been 2, 3 and 4 story buildings before the quake.)

CNN Footage Taken Immediately After the Earthquake (NOT for the squeamish):

(This footage seems to be very soon after the quake.  At 36 seconds into the video, in the background you will see a man rescuing what appears to be a young child as it drops into his arms.  At 57 seconds someone is digging their way out through the rubble and further on you will see people trapped still in the same building, trying to get out.)

A Compilation of Raw Footage:

YouTube Preview Image

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