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Exclusive Photos of Carlos Allen Posing with White House VIP’s

Morgen on January 11, 2010 at 10:26 am

Update: (1/12): So Politico reports this morning that these photos came to light because they were posted “late Monday night” on the Facebook page of a D.C. hairstylist. Are you kidding me? No Politico, these pictures came to light because I found and posted them here on Monday morning. And then I posted a teaser with 3 of the best pictures on Big Government. They were linked by Perfunction, Instapundit and the Ace of Spades blogs among others. What a joke. By all means, free to click over to Politico and let them know what you think of their reporting on this.

Also, just realized that the Politico writer linked this post at the outset under “New photos”. In case there is any confusion, no I am not the D.C. hairstylist referred to in the article. Nor did I discover these photos on his page. I used this sophisticated, secret, crypto search tool called Google and found them sitting out there for the world to see on Carlos Allen’s ACTUAL web site.


I don’t know why this story continues to fascinate me – but it does. Tucker Carlson launched his new site The Daily Caller today with a feature story on “alleged” White House party-crasher Carlos Allen. It’s a good run-down of what is known about Allen and the various facts which have come to light since it was first revealed last week that there was another unauthorized guest at the White House state dinner in late November. (And while you’re at the Daily Caller, be sure to check out Jim Treacher’s new column).

Allen was also on Good Morning America this morning, where he doubles-down on his claim that he was there by invitation. One of these days ABC will join the 21st century and allow their videos to be embedded. But for now, you’ll have to click over if you want to watch Allen bobbing and weaving his way through the interview with Robin Roberts.

After watching Allen on GMA, and reading Carlson’s piece, I did a little Google sleuthing and uncovered the photos Allen posted (and subsequently removed) of his evening at the White House. My favorites are posted below. You can see all of them on this Google cache page as long as it lasts. Enjoy!

Update: Bonus points for the first one to identify the reluctant individual posing with Allen in the final picture below. He is very familiar but I can’t place who it is.

Update 2: What the heck…how about a $25 Amazon gift card to the first person who correctly identifies all the individuals below in the comments. Just the VIPs, you don’t need to name the spouses.

Update 3: Congrats to Cuffy Meigs for being the first (and only) one to correctly identify everyone below the first batch of photos.

BONUS ROUND: another $25 Amazon Card for the first person to correctly identify all the individuals pictured in the last 5 images below. After Larry Summers. These are a little tougher…and be sure to flip the page to the last image.

We have a winner! Congrats to reader Eye-rish for getting the last 5. In order, they are actress Alfre Woodard, THE Deepak Chopra, Newsweek editor Fareed Zakaria, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Senator Richard Lugar.

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