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Fred Surges! (Updated)

John on June 12, 2007 at 9:16 pm

Last week I announced my support for Fred Thompson for President. Today, the LA Times has a new poll which shows him in 2nd place nationally, despite the fact that he hasn’t officially entered the race. Giuliani leads with 27% and Fred is back at 21%.

On the Dem side, Hillary is at 33% and Obama at 22%. However the article notes:

Despite Clinton’s lead, Obama is the strongest Democrat in hypothetical match-ups with Republicans in the general election, running even or well ahead of the GOP’s top contenders.

Clinton, in a showing that could spark concerns among some Democrats, does not fare as well. Against Giuliani, for instance, the poll found she would lose by 10 percentage points.

I’m predicting it comes down to Fred vs. Hillary. Hillary’s numbers are about as high as they are going to go. She has never polled 50%. She’ll run around 43-44%. Barring roughing by the refs (the media) Fred can beat those numbers.

We’re down but not out.

Update: I missed this when I posted earlier. Rasmussen has Giuliani and Fred in a tie at 24%. Nice!

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