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Third White House Party Crasher Apparently a Scam Artist (Updated x3)

Morgen on January 5, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Ronald Kessler with NewsMax broke the story yesterday that there was a third gate crasher at the White House state dinner in late November honoring the Prime Minister from India. The Washington Post today identified the intruder as a Washington D.C. “party promoter” named Carlos Allen, and further reported that the White House has been aware of the additional security breach since mid-December. Apparently, Allen was able to bypass security checks and obtain entrance to the White House by traveling with a delegation of Indian businessmen who were escorted directly onto the White House property by a representative from the State Department.

Adding to the intrigue, as first reported by Politico, Allen is apparently acquainted with one of the other gate crashers, Michaele Salahi, as evidenced by a picture of the two together on a web site owned by Allen. Allen apparently runs a consortium of fledgling media and entertainment businesses under the moniker “HUSH”, which stands for “Help us Support Humanity”. There is Hush Magazine and Hush Galleria among others.

Here is Allen’s vision for his operation from the Hush Galleria site:

The HushGroup is an exclusive and luxurious private social club whose members enjoy unparalleled access to elite movers and shakers. The club is located in the heart of the vibrant, multi-cultural and northwest corridor of prominent Mount Pleasant and in walking distance to our infamous neighbor, the Adams Morgan community.

Membership in the HushGroup presents you with more events and networking interaction than you ever thought possible, at a price you can afford. Our all-inclusive and affordable membership packages incorporate a host of events including music, art, poetry, wine tasting, dance, community events, youth activities, networking soiree’s and so much more.

Our aspiration is to draw from the elite and up & coming individuals, in order to mingle, make contacts, learn and have fun at the same time with the goal of supporting and creating strong community, local and national leaders. We look forward to building a legacy from the Nations Capitol and across the world.

It all seems relatively high class on the surface, but a blogger with the Huffington Post who lives nearby has written a post calling Allen more of a “neighborhood nuisance” than a high society mover and shaker.

Well, I did a little digging of my own and found another little business venture that Allen is (or was) involved in that has yet to be reported. Apparently Allen is also a purveyor of one those get rich working from home schemes. From a hidden brochure posted on his HushGroup site:

For 17 years, Carlos Allen has helped ambitious men and women make money with the hottest new wealth discoveries. He has written hundreds of manuals that show average people how to make huge money from home. His newest wealth discovery shows you “HOW TO MAKE $1000 A DAY FROM HOME IN YOUR PJ’S!”. You will discover how to mail his “high impact” postcards that refer people to his company’s websites and then let his staff take all of the calls and close all of the sales for you. You can come to his Seminar that normally will cost you $3,000 for free. He will teach you how to get paid as much as $1,000 for each sales that is made for you. Best of all, the seminar will come to you and learn is yours (sic) FREE!

Where do I sign up? Lol. Sounds like just the kind of winner that we want roaming freely around the White House without having received proper clearance. (Although no doubt some would argue that he is a piker compared to other scam artists who were in attendance.)

The site also features hidden pages of Allen associates Brian Silver and David McCoy hawking the work from home scheme. Based on a Google search, Silver and McCory are also involved in other of Allen’s ventures and party-going.

According to the Washington Post article, there is a criminal investigation underway into Allen’s unauthorized entry at the White House. Based on his seemingly shady business ventures, Allen may come to regret the scrutiny generated by his reckless decision to crash the White House event.

No doubt the Secret Service has tightened up their screening process as a result of these breaches. It’s unfortunate that it took an embarrassment of this magnitude for them to realize that gaps existed in their process.

Update: Ken Silverstein from Harper’s points us to this post from Nov. 30 on the Ask Miss A blog seemingly confirming that Allen was in attendance at the State Dinner. Silverstein also suggests that Allen’s PR person, Sharmila Viswasam, who is identified in the linked article, may have been Allen’s connection with the group of Indian businessman. This seems highly likely to me as well. I have a strong suspicion that none of the individuals involved here had any idea how seriously the Secret Service takes any attempted breach of White House security. Not to excuse their actions, but I am certain they now regret them over something as silly as crashing a party at the White House.

Update 2: I had some suspicions about what this HUSH “social club” might really be all about but didn’t want to speculate. Well, here is a first-hand account along the lines of what I had in mind:

The Hush Society is just that…a “society” of people that know each other and keep to themselves to promote a nightlife atmosphere outside of the busy-ness of the club scene. Then the men of the society try to get with as many of the “groupies” as possible. I know 4 girls that the VP of Sales, Brian Silver- slept with so far and he is suppose to have a girlfriend, from what I was told. Poor woman. The CEO, Carlos Allen, has done the same- he actually tried to get with one of my girlfriends and he is married!!! A young man by the name of Immanuel Alonza has disrespected my girls and I a couple of times at these events, he is a member as well. There was a young indian lady Sharmila Viswansan, who only talked about “money money money” the entire time I spoke with her. She didnt once mention the charities reason for “being” she just asked “so how much money are you going to give us”, “when are you going to give us money?

People like this deserve all the negative attention that comes their way, and it’s all the more fitting since they brought it on himself with this stunt.

Update 3: I hope this will be the final update. Apparently prominently D.C. lawyer A. Scott Bolden is now representing Allen in this matter. According to the latest Washington Post coverage, Bolden is claiming that Allen was actually in possession of an official invitation for the White House party. (Yet strangely Allen initially denied being there at all.) Let it also be noted that Scott Bolden has visited the HUSH club establishment on at least one occasion. From the Hush site:

Attorney Scott Bolden (right) with unidentified man

On a side note, I wonder if Allen was unaware that there are adult entertainment and swinger establishments all around the country called “Hush clubs” when he named his business.  Hmmm…

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