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Dissing the Non-Dispensationalists

Scott on June 9, 2007 at 11:35 pm

PREFACE: To most nonbelievers in the crowd, this post won’t make a lot of sense. The topic is related to an “in house” debate within the Church. In the Christian faith, one of the categories of belief is eschatology (the study of the end times and/or prophecy related to the end times). There are a variety of views related to the the study of the end times. Though an individual Christian’s view on eschatology doesn’t really have anything to do with the validity/quality of their salvation, unfortunately this doesn’t stop some on the fringe from “majoring in the minors.” Threatened by anyone whose belief system isn’t identical to their own, these people make grand pronouncements of heresy and apostacy, disavowing all who stand outside of their narrow field of theological vision. THAT is what this post is about.


Just when things were getting a wee bit boring over at the Christian Research Network, their resident red-head has decided to make an appearance. I certainly can’t fault Dwayna Litz’s or her posse for their sincerity or for their desire to make an impact in the world. Unfortunately, what Dwayna and LTW have in boldness and spunk is more than offset by their apparent lack of actual study combined with the narrow-minded arrogance of people who assume that what little knowledge they have must be all there is to know about a subject.

I use the phrase “actual study” because it isn’t that Dwayna and her gang haven’t tried to do some reading on the subject of eschatology. To the contrary, they have read everything that John MacArthur has ever said/written about the subject. Unfortunately, that isn’t study. Study implies taking a broad approach to a topic and looking at it from all sides in a balanced manner and then arriving at a well-reasoned, substantive conclusion. Taking the “MacArthur is Right in all things Christian” approach isn’t study. It’s just being theologically lazy. Unfortunately, to the cool-aide drinkers in that camp if someone’s views aren’t up to the Johnny Mac standard, then their faith must be suspect.

Enter Dwayna Litz. She has put up a post written by one of her LTW “researchers” about Hank Hanegraaff and his temerity to suggest that the Dispensational view of human history doesn’t work in light of a full and balanced view of the Bible and human history. It isn’t just that they disagree with what Hannegraaff said in this gathering. It’s that in their minds…

It is obvious to any thinking Christian that Hanegraaff’s “Exegetical Eschatology” is nothing more than the use of his presuppositions to cloud the natural meaning of the holy Scriptures. If I were a teacher in Hank’s position, I believe I would have trouble sleeping at night doing such a thing to Scripture interpretation.”

(NOTE: I guess all of us who disagree aren’t thinkers, or aren’t Christian, or aren’t thinking Christians.)

In general, people in this camp have a difficult time with Hank Hanegraaff. I can honestly say that I don’t disagree with some of their reasoning (which is a different topic for a different post). But it isn’t just that Dwayna and her crew can’t stand Hank. They can’t stand anyone who doesn’t believe that Dispensationalism is the only way to view God’s actions in human history and the end times. Forget the fact that Dispensationalism is less than 150 years old and that many of the early Church fathers would have laughed Dispensationalists out of town. It’s amazing that people like this would assume that this (eschatology) is a litmus test as to the validity/quality of someone’s Christian faith.

I sure wish that I could get Dwayna in a room with R.C. Sproul, C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer and Martin Luther. I wonder if she would be so sure of herself then.

John Adds: In case you missed it, here’s a related post on John MacArthur and dispensationalism from a couple months ago.

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