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Consequences and Accountability Suck!!! (Paris Hilton Update!)

Scott on June 8, 2007 at 2:57 pm

Paris is back behind bars. Though she might disagree, I can’t help but think that this is a good thing.

I know that Paris has been the topic of some discussion here at VS. Some think that as Christians we have been unfair and uncharitable towards Ms. Hilton. Though I disagree with that characterization of our comments here, I will say that I feel for her right now and for the state of mind she must be in.

It can’t be easy to sit in a small cell by yourself all day with nobody around to talk to and nothing around to distract you from thinking about the state your life is in. How long did it take for her during her first few days in jail to realize that she didn’t like being alone with her thoughts? How long did it take for her to start the long, painful process of questioning what she has done with her life up ’til now?

According to the San Jose Mercury News article:

Hilton was “taken from a courtroom screaming and crying” after Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer’s ruling.

No wonder. She has to face her demons in the darkness of her cell. She has to spend her days looking at the world through windows covered with bars…bars that remind her that 26 years of life have lead up to this: she is a “celebutante” who makes money by doing outrageous things in public and by making public appearances at events where people are hoping outrageous things will happen because of her. She has contributed very little (if any) substance to the world and that can’t be a happy realization.

I will be praying for Paris tonight. Hopefully at some point while sitting in her cell, she will think to move beyond her self-pity and look up, outside herself and towards the One who can fill that empty life with significance.

John Adds: Hold on there Scott. Paris is a talented actress and singer. Who can forget her strip tease scene in House of Wax or, for that matter, her strip tease scene in National Lampoon’s Pledge This! or…well, you get what I’m saying. She makes Pam Anderson look like a complete hack when it comes to acting and stuff.

Fox’s coverage of this is hysterical. You have to watch this clip.

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