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Charles Johnson: The Hypocrisy is Strong with This One

John on January 2, 2010 at 9:18 am

Every since he rejected the right as a bunch of closet racists, Charles Johnson has turned his blog into a watchblog of sorts. Nearly every day he has some post up about a blog on the right and why they should be shunned.

Yesterday, Charles put up a post noting what appears to be an error made by Big Government. BG scanned some newly released White House visitor logs and reported that Bertha E. Lewis of ACORN had visited back in September. The problem, as Charles points out, is that Bertha M. Lewis is the head of ACORN. Bertha E. Lewis is someone else. He ends his post this way:

This is really getting pathetic. What happened to the idea that blogs were supposed to be good at fact checking?

The post has been up at Big Government for two days, without a retraction.

Two whole days? Well, what about your uncorrected post, Charles? You know, the one dated December 18th that you have yet to correct.

Charles initially claimed that a pro-life story out of Virginia was bogus and that Ed Morrissey and other bloggers who repeated the story were by implication fools for falling for it. Specifically, he said that the local news and police were wrong about the underlying facts of the story based on his own reading of Virginia law. (yes, really!) When confronted with multiple news sources all of which told the same story about a loophole in the law, Charles refused to issue a correction. In fact, he sent me an e-mail saying rather imperiously “There will be no correction.”

Yet here we are two weeks later and Charles is unhappy that Big Government has gone two days without a correction. For the record, it appears Big Government did get that one wrong and they should issue a correction. But I don’t think Charles Johnson is in any position to complain. How about showing us how it’s done before you complain about someone else.

Related: Charles fails to do 10 seconds of Googling after mocking Big Government just yesterday for failing to do 10 seconds of Googling.

More Related: After calling Jim Hoft a homophobe on his site yesterday, Charles is now threatening to contact his attorney to pursue a libel case over this response at Gateway Pundit. Again, it seems the rules are very different for Charles than for everyone else.

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